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A Balanced Life with Source Connection Therapy
by Genie Monte-Pelizzari, LMP

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What is Source Connection Therapy?
Source Connection Therapy (SCT) is a treatment designed to balance and reconnect our energetic pathways. Receiving an SCT balancing calms the central nervous system and centers a person by reuniting right and left brain hemispheres. SCT assists in balancing the chakras and unhealthy energy is released. At the root of this system is the fact that unhealthy patterns can be unlearned. An SCT treatment takes 30 to 60 minutes. It can also be used as a beginning or ending of a session.Benefits From SCT

  • Calms central nervous system
  • Restores focus
  • Reunites right and left brain
  • Smoothes electromagnetic fields
  • Balances chakras
  • Clears blocks in the meridians
  • Balances Craniosacral system

When to use SCT

Use SCT as a full treatment or at the beginning and the end of a session to smooth out the body’s electromagnetic field, giving the body a better chance to reorganize and heal itself.

What clients are saying about SCT

Clients report noticeable improvements in sleep patterns and increased sense of well being. Many clients have reported an enhanced awareness of their physical and spiritual body. They find they are more aware of their connection, making them clear and open to receive Source’s guidance for their optimal health and personal growth.

What SCT will do

SCT will help your clients to transition through recovery from injury, life stressors and life changes, making it an ideal modality for high stress clients or for anyone working on personal growth or on physical, emotional or spiritual healing.


“I use Source Connection Therapy in my practice as an important part of my work with clients. It helps them stay focused, clear and calm as they work on their healing process.”
—L Swartz, Reiki Master and instructor, Shamanic Healing Facilitator

“I have found in the last four years of using SCT that it unscrambles the energy, promotes the crossover energy pattern and clears all blocks in the meridians that a majority of my clients have. Both my clients and I love this energy balancing treatment.”
—Cindy Wright, LMP and Energy Medicine Practitioner